How To Schedule A Job In SQL Server Agent

Its one of the basic thing in SQL Server is to Schedule a Job, Most of the guys who work on SQL Server are aware of this, but still thought of putting across a step by step instructions on How To Schedule A Job In SQL Server Agent for NoVoice.

Connect to You SQL Server Instance as shown below for my I am connecting to my Local Instance and click connect.

Once connected to Instance, Right click on SQL Server Agent, Click New, and Click Job as shown Below.

Once clicked, The New Job window appears, enter the details such as Job Name, Description etc as shown below

Once, its done, Next step is to add a Step to Job to Perform some task. Click on Steps Tab and click on New Button to Add a step to a Job as shown below.

Once you click on New Button, the New Job Step Window appears. Enter the step Name and Select Type such as TSQL or Powershell etc which are shown below, Here I am selecting Transact-SQL Script(T-SQL)

Now In advance Tab you can configure various options as required by you.

Now Click Ok to close the New Step Window.

Now Next Step is to set a schedule, Click on schedule Job and click New Button to set New schedule as shown below.

Now you can configure the schedule as Monthly, Weekly, daily etc and various options as shown below.

Click Ok and Click Ok to Create your Job. Now under Jobs you can see the New Job you have created.


Hope this was useful.