T-SQL To Get The Current TimeZone of SQL Server Installed Machine

As a DBA you need to know sometimes on which TimeZone your SQL Server is installed. This means the Machine/Server is installed on which TimeZone on which SQL Server is installed. There are some methods to achieve this. You can query to Windows servers using WMI and get the details. You can RDP to Machine and get the timezone of server. I found out a simple way for me is to connect to SQL Server instance using Management Studio and just run the below T-SQL. 

Note: This did not work for me on SQL Server 2000, you might want to try out your luck.

declare @mySQLServerTimeZone nvarchar(100)
exec master.dbo.xp_regread 'hkey_local_machine','system\currentcontrolset\control\timezoneinformation','timezonekeyname',
@mySQLServerTimeZone out
select @mySQLServerTimeZone as [CurrentTimeZoneOfSQLServer]