The availability group is not ready for automatic failover.

When you have configured the AlwaysOn High Avaiability feature of SQL Server 2012 on your machines, You may find the below critical and warning messages in dashboard.

When you click on Warning Messages you may find the below screen.

Text Format of Errors:

"The availability group is not ready for automatic failover. The primary replica and a secondary replica are configured for automatic failover, however, the secondary replica is not ready for an automatic failover. Possibly the secondary replica is unavailable, or its data synchronization state is currently not in the SYNCHRONIZED synchronization state."

"In this availability group, at least one secondary replica has a NOT SYNCHRONIZING synchronization state and is not receiving data from the primary replica."

"In this availability group, at least one synchronous replica is not currently synchronized. The replica synchronization state could be either SYNCHONIZING or NOT SYNCHRONIZING."

Wondering what might be the cause, well there might be couple of cause.

1.One of the Cause is the Secondary Replica Configured is shutdown -->Start the Services on Secondary Replica to resolve.

2. No databases are added the configured Availability Group, even though listener is available. You can see that below no databases are added in secondary Replica

Add the database to secondary Replica and Synchronize the same.

Will be adding more post on AlwaysOn High Availability.